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SEO (Search engine optimization), as the name indicates, is a process to help your users to locate your website easily on search engine results. It is a complex process that aims to place your website among top results and thereby increasing visibility and generating internal traffic to your website.

4 essential processes for SEO in Malaysia

A lot of Malaysia SEO Company exists that boast off fast results for your website. However, SEO cannot be done overnight, it requires a lot of sub-processes to achieve its goal.

1. Take the unified approach

Today, SEO demands a unified approach where it must overlap all aspects of a business’ marketing strategy in order to gain maximum benefits.

  • SEO in Malaysia will deliver the most ROI when it is built upon company’s wider marketing and PR activities
  • Work together with PR, advertising, marketing and sales team as generating business is the common goal for all


2. Maximizing use of extensive keyword research

SEO in Malaysia needs a steady foundation, which can be achieved by the use of popular keywords. In order to know the appropriate keywords to use, it is important that you do a thorough keyword research and sorting.

  • Effective SEO requires a lot of patience and calculations in doing keyword research
  • For better results make use of a keyword research tool such as Google keyword tool


3. Creating original and keyword optimized content articles

The best tip for any SEO company is to make use of original, informative and optimized content articles. This is the secret to keep your web page live.

  • Check for keyword density while writing content articles. Highly informative content is the key for content to work for SEO
  • Optimize your webpage by incorporating right keywords with right frequency in the title and description


4. Make use of social book marking

Another effective tool used for SEO in Malaysia is social bookmarking to promote presence of your website online. SEO Company chooses major social bookmarking websites that are easy to navigate and provide quick results.

  • A good idea is to get an account in all popular social bookmarking websites
  • Start bookmarking your articles and share it to the public


When you apply these 4 SEO tips in your work, you will witness gradual changes and see results yourself. Whether carried out by the company or via an external agency, SEO has to be seen as an integral part of any company’s overall marketing strategy.