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 Pay Per Click

PPC or pay per click is suitable when you want immediate results. It brings targeted traffic to your website. PPC fulfills true meaning of SEM (search engine marketing). SEO or organic search is time consuming process and it gets changed frequently due to rapid improvements in search engines’ algorithm. Whereas PPC campaigns are more consistent and can easily be run under the budget as compare to SEO.

Why do you need PPC?

About 80% of your customers are searching you online. PPC produces instant results and brings your website in front of your customers. PPC is preferable because:

  • It produces immediate results and bring increased traffic to your website
  • It gives wide exposure by displaying your ad in front of millions of internet users
  • Having your ads on prominent position on search engines adds to your brand awareness
  • You have full control over where you want to display your ad. The ad position can be filtered by keywords, advertising period and region of advertising.
  • No restriction on the number of keywords used.
  • No restriction on advertising period. It is up to you whether you need to advertise your ad for a day, month or year.
  • You have to pay only when somebody clicks your ad.

How do we do?

GetRanked possess expertise in running pay per click campaigns. By using our expertise, we can increase your PPC ROI by manifolds. Remember, it’s not only getting visitors through your PPC campaigns but converting each visitor to customer/user. You will be paying for each visitor and you need someone who can convert that visit into lead. This is where GetRanked comes.

How do we do PPC for you?

From the information we know about PPC, it seems all is being done by search engines ‘bidding tools’? No, PPC is not as simple as it looks. Following are some of the key elements involved in any PPC (pay per click) campaign.
PPC Key Elements
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Setting up goals and conversion tracking
  • Efficient Budget Management
  • Landing page analysis
  • Click Fraud Management
  • …and above all MAXIMIZING YOUR ROI.

Do you want to achieve immediate results through PPC (pay per click)?

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