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Optimize your Ecommerce Product Page for Better Ranking

product page SEO

Search engine optimization is the most powerful source of driving organic and targeted traffic. In eCommerce industry, optimizing a product page is really important. It is because product pages are effective landing pages that gives visitors a direct path to become customers.
Last time we have discussed about what elements an eCommerce product page should have so that it can be optimized perfectly. Today we will discuss that how to optimize each element for better visibility and ranking that will consequently lead to sustainable business.

Page Layout

According to eCommerce research, page layout is one of the most important elements that impacts conversion. Your page layout should guide visitors to make a purchase when he/she lands on the product page. He does not have to find his required information. There should be correspondence in his eye movement and information placement.

Research has shown that you should place most important information on the center or left and at the eye level. Give users convenience of adding products to cart with one click. Place the check out button near the images or video.

Keyword Rich Title Tags

A title tag describes the online document and is the most important element of your product page. A title tag basically appears at three places: browser, search engine results and other websites where it appears as anchor text.

A best title tag is one that is

  •   Relevant
  •   Keyword rich
  •   Less than 70 characters

An optimal format for title tag is Primary keyword, secondary keyword and brand name.

Keyword Rich Meta description

Meta description is a brief summary about the web page content. It is used by search engines to give users a glance about the web page content. It should be compelling enough for the visitor to open the link. A well-written Meta description is:

  •   Clear and concise
  •   Relevant
  •   Unique
  •   Keyword rich
  •   < 160 characters long

For effective SEO, you should avoid duplicate descriptions and create unique description for each product.

Use Keyword in Image Alt Tag

Alt tag or alternative text displays when the user hover the mouse pointer over the image. Alt tags are also crawled by spiders, so they serve as an opportunity to include the keyword for which you are optimizing the page. Remember, alt tags should be relevant to the image. In eCommerce, an alt tag is usually the name of the product.

URL Structure

URL structure also matters when it comes to product page SEO. For effective SEO, the URL of your product page must contain your primary keyword. An optimal format for URL can be: www.website.com/keyword.

Video Optimization

It is awesome if you have video with each product on your eCommerce store. Videos act as a strong selling point and have a very positive impact on conversion rate. If not for all products, your top selling products should have reference videos. Whenever you have a video for the product, optimize it with relevant and keyword rich title, tags and descriptions.

Write Compelling Product Descriptions

Content is king. This axiom is true for any website but is especially valid for eCommerce stores. Product descriptions play an important role in compelling the customer to make the purchase. Don’t take product description as a marketing material. Write with factual information and tell the users about the unique selling points of the product. Do not stuff it with keywords. Use keywords where necessary. Don’t go for too long descriptions.

One of the most important concerns with product descriptions are each product should have unique description. Duplicate content is not acceptable for effective SEO.

Internal Linking

Adding Internal Linkis on product page is a key to effective SEO. You can ease the task of internal linking by making each tag of bread crumbs as a link. Similarly, you can add links to related products, upsell products, new arrivals, add to wish list, and similar products for rich internal linking. Remember, Google boss always gets happy with rich internal linking.

This was all about on-page optimization. In coming posts, I will also talk about off-page optimization. However, by optimizing the page this way, you can soon expect your eCommerce store enjoy better ranking on major search engines.