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Logo or Corporate Identity - How to Get a Great Logo for Your Business?

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Whenever or wherever you see an apple like graphical shape, your mind immediately recalls Apple Inc. It happens with us every day. When we see logo of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or any other big corporation, we do not need to ask the next question. It is already in our mind. This is the power of logo.

The importance and significance of logo is unquestioned for every business.  A business or company is identified by its logo. A logo creates perception of a company or a business in consumer’s mind. A nicely and effectively designed logo can brand your business well and a poorly designed logo can ruin all your branding efforts.

A logo is an important element of business marketing and represents what the company is all about. It plays a significant role in establishing a unique brand. While designing logo, each design element should be focused to communicate company’s message.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that underestimate the importance of logo and do not pay attention towards their unique corporate identity. In a recent survey, it has been pointed out that companies with logos have better image than the companies without logos. That’s why; the companies who realize the importance of logos spend too much on creating a unique logo or corporate identity.

Creating a logo is not an easy task. It should be too much comprehensive that explains or communicates the whole about company just with a simple graphical shape or text. Logo is so important that it deserves some investment. So it is highly recommended to consult professional experts rather than trying yourself.

Remember not to leave everything on experts to decide. First give him complete information about your company, what message you want to convey  your logo and every other information the professional experts ask you. Inspect from time to time what the expert is creating for you.

If you want to create logo by yourself, then there are various software available, that can help you in creating an effective logo. Every software has its own set of features. Whatever software you use, your designed logo should have following characteristics at least.

Here are some of the qualities of a good and effective logo:

  •  Targeted:

A good logo is always targeted i.e. created for its target audience. While designing logo, do not forget your customers. Instead, do a detailed research and collect facts and figures about your target audience. Design logo that your target audience wants to see and can relate to.

  •   Simplicity:

Simplicity is the key.

A good logo is always simple. Complicated logos are hard to recognize. Make your logo easy to identify with simple design.

All the big corporations such as apple, Google, IBM, twitter, and Facebook have simple logo.  A logo should contain a simple visual image or text to which your target audience can relate your products or services. Simple logo is also versatile and scalable. It retains its shape at whatever size you print it.

  • Colors:

A logo with maximum two colors is ideal. A logo is something that has to be reproduced on a variety of promotional material. So a two-color logo is quite easy to manage. The colors should also be corporate colors of the company.

  • Memorable and Appealing:

Your logo should be memorable enough to leave some impression viewer’s mind. It should have something interesting and innovative in it that tends to leave a long lasting impression on consumer’s mind. It is indeed a hard part of the story but is an important one that should not be ignored.

A logo with these characteristics is no doubt a good logo. A good logo shows its effectiveness throughout the business cycle and contributes significantly in generating handsome revenue. We will explore more about logos in our next posts.