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Internal linking: Yes, it is important for your website SEO


Internal Linking is an important component of SEO strategy. Most of the times, website owners make efforts to build external links in order to improve their website visibility and page rank. Even though internal links are far easier and equally effective, they are been overlooked in comparison with external links. Building effective external links is a time-consuming and challenging task.  No doubt, external links promotes page rank and website visibility. However, you can achieve the same Search Engine Optimization objectives through Internal Links. Remember, a website designed and developed with right internal link structure is far better than a website structured with bad external links. In this article, I will highlight the importance of Internal Link Structure.

First of all, let’s define what an internal link is. It is a link that directs the users to the other pages of the same domain. In a way, it emphasizes the importance of the page content. It allows crawlers to index all the pages of the website. So, your SEO strategy must include strong internal linking.

Internal links increase website usability by

  • Creating easy navigational structure
  • Build information hierarchy
  • Spread link juice

A website properly structured with strong linking results in:

  • Complete website indexing
  • Enhance the PageRank of your internal pages
  • Enhance overall ranking of the website

In contrast with external links, internal links are easy to manage and control. It is all up to you what you put as anchor text; place the link and how many links you want on any given page. You can link the relevant text to the relevant pages. I suggest linking the important keywords to the relevant pages and use descriptive anchor text. This will add to the content importance and validity.

For search engines, linked pages are more valuable. Linked pages rank well and bring traffic to your website. With a proper internal linking structure, you can enhance the page rank of each page of your website. For instance, the home page of any website has highest page rank. You should link the home page with the important pages of your website to pass on the page rank and for effective search engine optimization.

By linking in-line text to the relevant pages, you can create a naturally flowing navigational structure. This will allow users to easily navigate and find relevant information about the products and services in a flow without any distraction. By integrating internal linking strategy with other SEO tactics, you will soon observe improved page rank and enhanced usability.