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Internal Linking and its Structure

internal structure

As discussed in the previous posts, we all know how important the internal links for any website are. You can never have a complete SEO strategy without internal links and an effective internal link structure. Here, it is important to note that besides internal links, internal link structure is equally important.

To make your internal links effective, you need to have a proper and well-integrated internal link structure. If your internal link structure is poor, then no matter how many internal links you put on your website, you will not be able to reap their benefits.

Types of Internal Links

Internal links connect the pages of the same domain. They enable easy navigation and allows users to browse the website thoroughly thereby emphasizing the importance of each and every page of the website.

There are three types of internal links that are commonly used on websites.

  • Menu links
As the name suggests, menu links are main links that are same on all pages of the website.  These links are must for any website.

  • Sidebar Links
Sidebar links are positioned on the sidebar of the website to lead the users to various sections of the website. Like menu links, sidebar links are also consistent across all the pages of the website.

  •  Footer Links
These links are placed on the footer of the website. Like menu and sidebar links, these links are also consistent across all the pages of the website. These are the links of the most popular pages of the website. Footer links allows user-friendly browsing and do not let users lost in the website. With footer links, users can go to any page from any page of the website.

  •  Body Links
These are the most important of all the types of the internal links. These links are placed in the copy of the website. Search engine bots love to crawl these body links.

Internal Link Structure

Internal link structure is the way web developers or search engine optimization experts link the pages of the website. A good internal link structure is one that is:

  • Has links in its copy (Body Links)
  • Has 75-100 links on each page
  • Links pointing to the same page with different anchor text
  • Links should be in the crawlable part of the website. Don’t create links in flash, search boxes, forms and JavaScript.
Whatever internal link structure you use on your website, just make sure it helps users in searching the relevant information and also aid search engine bots in page indexing. The keyword focused link connectivity serves to enhance both user experience and SEO effectiveness. The links should be keyword focused to give users instant access to the required information.