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Since last few years, Google have released several algorithm updates to ensure that user is getting relevant and authentic results of their queries. About 13 updates have been made in existing algorithms only in year 2013. Google make extensive screening through its algo’s to filter low quality links, excessive keyword stuffing, duplication of content, irrelevant information, unnatural linking and such other bad practices. Even avoiding all these evil techniques, you cannot be confident about stable ranking on Google search results until and unless you consider future intentions of Google that are to be implemented for ranking criteria. Few influential recommendations are stated below to give a crisp idea of what and how to follow the path to top rankings.

Choose Better CMS

Content management systems are available since 1990’s but its application has taken charge in last decade with several of CMS, few famous one are Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Jhoomla and Blogspot etc. To give a boost to high ranks it would be beneficial to use significant Content Management System which offers useful plugin’s for your website. These remarkable plugins manage the content and images of website in systematic way that Google bot can navigate them surely.

Go for responsive design

Latest and innovative technologies like smart phones, tablets and other products diverted desktop searchers to use mobile devices for internet browsing and app usage. To represent your website appropriately on mobile devices you need to adopt responsive web design which make the content and images of site more viewable on small screen.  It highly affects SEO ranking if website user interface cannot be displayed properly on diverse devices according to their resolution and alignment.

Compelling UX

With responsive design you also need to concentrate on User experience (UX) which can bring marvelous SEO results. Keep an average user in mind to enhance user experience through smooth and conventional navigation flow. It also include speed and loading time of website of distinct devices for better and serene user experience to bound user for continual visits.

Deploy Social media

Enforcing all the SEO steps may not be enough if you miss social media management to promote website and engage more and more users through communication as well as latest updates. As Google +1 carries about 0.37% of ranking share along with other social networks that can bring your target consumers closer to your business, it’s gets necessary to endorse articles, offers, deals or promotions through social profiles and fan pages.