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Facebook Fan Page: Why Should Your Business Has One?


Facebook!!  A term, that has now become a part of our everyday life. Weather we just want people to know what we are doing, what our plans are or how are we feeling; we update status on our Facebook profile and our message is sent to the concerned persons within no time. Not only message is delivered, but a two-way interaction also occurs in the form of comments and likes that positively impact our behavior.

Same is the case with Facebook fan page of any business. Every time you update the page, the information is sent to your target market and you get feedback to further improve your products and services.

Facebook Stats

According to Facebook stats & facts for 2011,

  • Facebook has 500 million active users all over the world.
  • On any given day, half of these users are online.
  • One in every 13 people has Facebook profile.
  • These 500 million active users include people from all age groups.
  • The average user on Facebook has at least 130 friends.

From this we can estimate that how loud is the Facebook voice and how far is its reach. A message placed on the Facebook reaches the target audience within seconds. This is the most cost effective marketing platform that has replaced the costly traditional marketing.

Facebook or social media, according to Mikal Belicove, has added another “P” to the 4 P’s of marketing mix. This P stands for participation. For any information spread on Facebook, it allows users to express their opinions, give comments and feedback. The user feels valued when he/she is allowed to participate and a viral loop is created automatically.

Facebook, if used strategically, can prove very useful for any business without any heavy investment. By strategically playing on Facebook, you can double your sales, boost leads, and enhance revenue in a very short time. Let’s have a look on some more Facebook statistics to estimate how big market is there for us to target.

  • Minutes spent on Facebook: 700 Billion
  • Applications installed per day: 20 Million
  • Interaction with Facebook from different sites in a month: 2 Million websites


What happens in just 20 minutes on Facebook?

You will be amazed to know the level of activity that happens on Facebook in just 20 minutes. In just 20 minutes:

  •   1 million links are shared
  •   2 million friend requests are accepted
  •   3 million messages are sent

These statistics support the fact that today’s businesses must have a Facebook fan page. With a Facebook page, you can reach millions of people just with a single click. Every time you put something on your page, be sure that there are millions of audiences to see it. This helps you meet your business and revenue goals.

Another brilliant advantage of creating a Facebook page is its role in search engine optimization. Google also indexes Facebook fan pages and put them top in search results. It is a common trend these days that when people search for something, they not only Google it but also search it on Facebook. So having a well-maintained Facebook page can help you increase the impact of your web presence.

The Facebook fan page allows interaction among business owners and customers. This allows customers to express their view point clearly before business owners about what exactly they want. Moreover, business owners analyze customer’s interests and get insight about further development of the product line. In brief, Facebook fan page is one of the most important communication touch point that businesses can very well capitalize on. If you have no Facebook fan page then your competition may get ahead of you by capitalizing on this opportunity.

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