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Choosing a Logo Style – A Critical Decision for any Business


Corporate identity or logo development is a critical task for any entrepreneurial venture. A logo basically is a mark through which companies communicate their intended message to the target audience. How effectively your logo succeeds in communicating the desired message depends upon its design. Each element of logo design should reflect something about the company.

There are six different styles of logo design. Choosing the logo style for your company is an important decision that should be made with strategy and logic. For your corporate identity, you can choose any style from the following logo styles. Make sure that your chosen style truly represents your company and communicate what you want your target audience to know.

Abstract logos

In abstract logos, an abstract connotation or symbol is used to communicate the desired message to the target market. There are many well-known brands whose corporate identity is based on abstract logo style. Abstract logo is just like a visual stimulator that helps the target audience remember the company name by associating it with a unique symbol. Nike and Logitech both are well-known brands with abstract logo style.


Why Abstract Logos are better?

Abstract logo style is really effective as human brain is capable to remember unique and distinguished designs. As compared to other logo styles, abstract logos leave an everlasting impact on target audience.

Type-based Logos

Textual or type-based logos are one of the most used logo style. The type-based logo features the company name in italicized, bold, plain or any other stylized typeface. The type-base logos are simple and elegant. Due to simplicity, type-based logos are easy to remember. Google and IBM are best examples of brands that have used type-based logos to develop their identity.


Why Type-based Logos are better?

Type based logos are better because of their simplicity and memorability. Type-based logos are used mostly where companies want to convey some professional feel.

Symbol-based Logos

Symbol based logos are used when companies feel that text or abstract symbol cannot depict their actual message. Companies use symbol based logos when they create an analogy between symbol and their vision. For example, the logo of Ferrari features a horse symbol. This symbolizes speed of Ferrari with that of horse. Puma is another example of symbol-based logo where it uses symbol of tiger to represent adventure and thrill associated with sports.


Why Symbol-based Logos are better?

A symbolic logo serves as a cognitive shortcut. It enables target audience to associate the brand with something they already know. Symbols are also easy to remember and have a long lasting impact.

Initials-based Logos

When a company has a lengthy name, it is a good approach to use only initials. Initials should be used in a way that reinforce company image. The logos of McDonald and Honda are good examples of initials based logos. Initial based logos takes time to establish their identity. So they may not be effective for starter businesses.

Mc Donalds

Why Initial-based Logos are better?

Initial based logos have a simple concept. It gives a personal feeling and are easy to remember due to their simplicity.

Mascot Logos

A mascot is a symbolic figure of an animal or a person. Companies incorporate mascots in their logo design. Famous brands that have used mascot logo style include Michelin’s and WWF.


Why Mascot Logos are better?

Mascot logos are effective in the sense that they create a personal feeling and are easy to remember.

Whatever logo style you choose for your company, make sure it should truly represent your company. Remember, your logo will complement your every marketing effort. So do not let an ineffective logo to ruin all your marketing efforts.