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How Long should be a Blog Post?

The length of a blog post is one of the most debated topics among bloggers and content marketers.  Every now and then we see bloggers asking […]

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Google Rank Brain

RankBrain – Ambiguous Queries are No More Ambiguous Now

Based on Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain revolutionized the Google search.   It was panda, penguin, humming bird and now it is RankBrain. Google’s journey of innovation is […]

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Panda and Penguin algorithms

Causes Of Google Penalties And How To Recover From It

Google wants to give its users access to accurate information and unique content. It improves its algorithms to give the best web exposure. Google keeps on […]

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What you should know to create strategic web content

In 2014, web content and content marketing have struck high on search results as Google has designated content as a major factor of Search Engine Optimization […]

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